About us

Welcome to Kashan

Hi my name is Youssef, I was borned and raised in Kashan, center Iran. 

Kashan  is a delightful Oasis city on the edge of the Dasht-e-Kavir, one of the most alluring destination in Iran, where you can surprisingly find everything together : from Sialk Ziggurat (over 7000 years old archeological site) to Sassanid Fire temples and underground city (1500 years old) , some  historical houses, Fin Garden and Desert and salt lake sceneries, all in here in Kashan, just a few kilometres away from here.

It’s been years that I’m doing this job, I work with other drivers and tour guides, plus my family helps everytime I need (The Family diner for exemple is at my parents house)

I am very proud to show my city Kashan and some of the most beautiful parts of Iran.

People I work with

Why i'm doing this job?

To share extraordinary Experiences

For me, my city and the area around are full of wonderfull things to do! And I would love to share with you some amazing experiences, like:

Walking through the historic Bazaar , wandering around the historical houses and mosques, watching the old bathhouses and Persian Gardens, going through underground city corridors, walking in the twisting lanes of Abyaneh village, observing beautiful sceneries in desert…

To change people's mind

As I said, I’m very proud of my city Kashan, and my country Iran.

So many people around the world don’t really know how people live here. we, Iranian people, love welcoming foreigners, and make the most of their trip, I would like to make foreigners change their mind about Iran, and how people live here. We are happy here, and my aim is to give you some of this hapiness.

Why an Eco-Camp?

The wonders of nature are so important in our culture. Even if tourism in Iran is not a “mass tourism” yet. We have to protect our nature.

Thats why I wanted an eco-camp, where we try to use less plastic possible, and we clean everything after our stay.

What is the meaning of Maranjab?

Maranj and Ab : “Ab” in Farsi means water and “maranj” again includes 2 words : man (“Ma”) and hardwork (“Ranj”)

So, in old times men went to this desert to find some wood and sell to people in the city. That job was so hard and they were sweating so much that we say, this hard work convert a man to water.

Pictures and Customer reviews


I was so happy and privileged to meet Yousef at my arrival to Iran. I can warmly recommend this nice and young person to guide you to Iran.
Yousef I specialy enjoyed your sense of psychology to understand what and how I wanted discovery your nice country…

– Philippe, France- May 2019

We had a very cool day tour in Kashan, where he brought us to beautiful places we wouldn‘t have found by ourselves and told us lots about the history. 

– Patricia, Switzerland -May 2019

Besides being a golden tour guide (he knows everything), yousef is someone you can have a great laugh with. It immediately felt as if we had known each other for many many years. I think that is what made this tour really special. Thank you very much Yousef!

– Utrech, Netherlands – March 2019